POLYDRESS® O2 Barrier 2IN1



The secret of a revolutionary silage film resulted in the Silver Medal Award at Eurotier in Hannover 2012.


silage pile crop


The advantages of POLYDRESS® O2 BARRIER 2IN1 silage and vacuum film combination at a glance


Time savings due to covering silo in one step

 Sheeting splits once applied to the silage to provide oxygen barrier layer that clings tight to the silage and a very low OTR; and a more standard outer protective layer

High silage quality

Reduction of losses due to aerobic fermentation

Easy handling because of reduced system weight

Sustainable product design using new materials

  Improving the silage quality can increase yields (milk yields) and reduce the causes of disease

Improved CO2 balance (carbon footprint) compared to conventional silage covers

With a comparable oxygen barrier, the theoretical CO2 balance of a PE film would be 7 times higher

  Material recycling is possible according to different concepts (PE can currently be recycled materially/physically, and PA thermally/energetically; advantage: separation of materials)


Oxygen permeability // m² in days acc.



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Good practices: first tests from 2011